Solonely is a performance full of humor and tenderness about lsolitude and reunion of two human beings.”


Les Affiches, January 2013

Solonely, fifth performance of the company is a show with more cerebral, darker and even more intimate. A “Pas de deux” to deals with solitude with a look on the world we live in. A beautiful lesson of humanity”


491, Novembre 2012

“ The show is full of artistic propositions : music, circus, dance, comedy, humor, lyrist, pain, cynicism, etc. We feel the male sensibility but also a form of sensuality at the service of a movement and music writing very accurate. Both artists throw themselves in this performance.   ”

Lyon Capitale, November 2012

“ Solonely is, without any doubt, the work of the completion of 12 years of work. (…) a show where exploration of relationship between music and dance is mind-blowing “

Le Dauphiné Libéré, February 2013

“ There is a third character in this performance : evocated by a gigantic music instrument, a surprising adjustable set. Jail, bridge between two worlds, launch pad to a better future at the same time “


Le Dauphiné Libéré, November 2012