“ With Bounce, Arcosm is following its work finding a new language, where movement and sound are both embodied. A real dose of optimism given to the audience ! “

Le Télégrame, December 2013

“ Thomas Guerry & Camille Rocailleux present an explosive cocktail of their arts, dance & music, flirting with theater. On stage, musicians of the quartet enter the dance and make a real artistic symbiosis with the dancers “

Le Progrès, December 2013

“Thomas Guerry and Camille Rocailleux worked with talent on the theme of defeat (…) To happilly taste with the whole family ! »


Telerama Sortir, January 2015

“This is neither a “play for children” per se, nor a traditional ballet, nor even a musical : Bounce! Is well and truly modern dance show (…) The fact that it is aimed at a younger audience does not in any way detract from the seriousness of its content and from the precision of its quest. »

Citymag Luxemburg, October 2015

“ Where voice turns into a body, where rhythm is choreography, where grains of gesture and sound mix up… In Bounce!, Thomas Guerry and Camille Rocailleux are directors of a complex and attractive universe which leads each artists to the border of his arts.”

La Terrasse, April 2014

« Bounce! (…) Long live to mishap, to losers who still stood after hard blows and who are the unbeatable! Bounce! Limp! Jump! The universe of Arcosm is a anthem to joy, to mishap, to the mix of arts. Here, music and theater are mixing with each other in order to create a unique gesture, which conquer everyone from 7 to 77 years old! Landslide of humanity!”

Le Programme (Switzerland), November 2014

« Bounce is beyond languages, said Karen Acioly, FIL Festival director, It’s an embodied partition, but also musical, digital and theatrical. Everything is happening at the same time, and each spectator is invited to build connections between arts. »

O Globo (Brasil), September 2015

« Some moments are very clownish and starting point of hilarious reactions in the audience, some others are magnificent chimeras, mixing pure voice a capella (…) and unseen artistic performances. »

Grrrr (Luxemburg), October 2015