« […] Poetry in pictures, a pure pleasure. »

La Marseillaise Martigues, May 2005

« It must be said that this choreographic show has all it takes to captivate : an original setting, a hell of a tempo and an all along creativity in this confrontation between musicians playing with their moves and dancers blowing breath and voice to their motions. »

Nice Matin, November 2003

« Echoa by Arcosm is one of the hottest ticket on the international circuit. This charismatic group of dancers create an electrifying performance of exhilarating dance and percussion that enchants children and adults alike. »

Galway Independant, September 2011

« Echoa takes the public as soon as the first beats in a musical and choreographic whirl in an extraordinary way hat seduces right away. […] The whole show is a music and dancing breath-holding spin in which one’s no longer tries to guess where the instruments are, where are the dancers and musicians, as long as the show is stunning. »

Sud Ouest, January 2009

« Like a dialogue between bodies and instruments that artists set in motion with sweetness, houmour, freshness and simplicity […]. They develop their great art in a very simple way, merging their technics with bliss, sometimes with candor, for the greatest surprise of a bewitched public. In the theatre, laughs follow amazed silences. »

DNA, December 2007

« There is something magic in this all-round show which does not tear appart any aspect of the artistic work : polyphonic songs, dancing, music and drama. […] Should the night of the show be   a time when emotions would blurry your sight and tense you zygomatics. »

La Marseillaise Draguignan – November 14th, 2003