« Bounce! (…) Long live to mishap, to losers who still stood after hard blows and who are the unbeatable! Bounce! Limp! Jump! The universe of Arcosm is a anthem to joy, to mishap, to the mix of arts. Here, music and theater are mixing with each other in order to create a unique gesture, which conquer everyone from 7 to 77 years old! Landslide of humanity!”

Le Programme (Switzerland), November 2014


« Echoa by Arcosm is one of the hottest ticket on the international circuit. This charismatic group of dancers create an electrifying performance of exhilarating dance and percussion that enchants children and adults alike. »

Galway Independant, September 2011


« Like a dialogue between bodies and instruments that artists set in motion with sweetness, houmour, freshness and simplicity […]. They develop their great art in a very simple way, merging their technics with bliss, sometimes with candor, for the greatest surprise of a bewitched public. In the theatre, laughs follow amazed silences. »

DNA, December 2007