Audiovisual productions

As it goes along, Arcosm meet and work with persons in the image field : director, film editor, cameraman, etc. It grows a collection of several documentaries and short films about the performances and the work of the company.

LE REBOND - The Bounce


Documentary based on the performance Bounce!, commented by Bruno Humbeeck
Directed by Bertrand Guerry & Thibaut Ras 

What is the common pattern between Maria Callas, Georges Brassens or Charles Dickens ? Each of these persons had a very complicated childhood but succeed in his grown up life. Resilience can touch everyone of us. How do we succeed and overcome ordeals ?

ECRIRE LE MOUVEMENT - Writing the movement


Documentary based on several danced sequences of the performance Solonely. 
Directed by Marion Crépel and Bertrand Guerry

Everyone knows about sheets music but just some happy few know about dance sheet. Few persons know how to write dance and fight for the survival of this custom. Here several portraits of these persons.



Short movie inspired by the performance La Mecanique des Anges
Directed by Bertrand Guerry

Alone in is cosy little room, a veteran is getting ready for the traditional chech up  of his gun. Nothing is left to chance. Above all, he really needs this Wagnerian melody, to affect him and keep him calm. A trip without luggage, return date is waiting for him. A trip toward a place where he and six others persons will be submitted to specific rules.
An odd old man is welcoming these seven new persons with some un-warmly few words : it is the start of the bal of the lost souls.

Round and round and hand it over...


Documentary directed during the American tour of the performance Echoa, in 2010
Directed by Bertrand Guerry

In 2001, a percussionist-composer and a dancer-choreographer decided to invent a different road and excavate the delicate relationship between music and dance. How percussionists dance ?
How sound a dancer’s body ? The dance becomes musical and music is also intended to be seen.