+ 7 years old



50 min

4 interprètes

Concept and direction: Thomas Guerry

SEИS is a piece for 4 dancers and musicians of different generations and from differents worlds. SEИS has been choreographed by Thomas Guerry, within the sound universe of Clément Ducol. This has been thought like a game that chooses the senses rather than the logic.

What if the concern of the play is not about trying to understand its meaning but to lose it? … only feeling, letting it go, considering new perspectives because in fact, there are many…

In his new creation, Thomas Guerry proposes an experience over time, which would start by a short film that each spectator would watch before the show. So everyone will experience and watch the show with a shared memory.

Based on this shared memory, Thomas Guerry imagines the bodies as memories resonators. We will embark with the main character in his search for meaning, through his intimacy and the meeting he had experienced during his life. We will see him on stage at an advanced age, facing his reminiscence in which we will travel (sound and body), in a exhilarating world, deliberately absurd where anything seems possible.

Here is the link of the short movie:


with Matthieu Benigno, Tom Guichard, Mychel Lecoq & Noémie Ettlin
Music Clément Ducol music assistant Quelen Lamouroux
Set Samuel Poncet
Dramaturgy Cédric Marchal
Director of short movie Bertrand Guerry




La Rampe – La Ponatière, Scène conventionnée d’Echirolles ; Maison de la Danse de Lyon ; La Garance, Scène Nationale de Cavaillon ; Très Tôt Théâtre, Scène conventionnée de Quimper ; CREA – Festival Momix de Kingersheim ; Théâtre en pays de Morlaix.

With the support of:

DRAC Auvergne – Rhône Alpes, Région Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, Ville de Lyon, Spedidam ; Adami