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The word « subliminal » encompasses a multitude of possible meanings. It evokes the individual and collective unconscious, the intimacy of imagination, but also the exercise of power and the confrontation between people.

SUBLIMINAL will be its 8th performance, it’s the second part of a diptych questioning the influence of images in society: How can a whole group of people be manipulated by imagery ? What are the different processes ? Wha i’s the purpose ? How can we fight them ?


Artists Anne-Cécile Chane-Tune, Thomas Demay, Noémie Ettlin, Thomas Guerry, Quelen Lamouroux, Sylvain Robine
Light Design Bruno Sourbier
Sound Design Olivier Pfeiffer
Set Samuel Poncet
Sound Technician Olivier Pfeiffer
Light Technician Bruno Sourbier




La Garance - Scène Nationale de Cavaillon / La Rampe-La Ponatière, Scène conventionnée – Échirolles / Le Théâtre du Vellein - CAPI l’AGGLO

With the support of:

CND Lyon / Rhône-Alpes & CND Pantin / Ile de France
Remerciements à la Compagnie Propos pour la mise à disposition du Studio Lucien, au CND Lyon / Rhône-Alpes

With the participation of:

Compagnie Arcosm is funded by le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / DRAC Rhône-Alpes and by the Région Rhône-Alpes. Arcosm get also the support of la Ville de Lyon.

CREATION 2016 : November 3rd and 4th 2016 at Théâtre du Vellein - Villefontaine (38)


Le Toboggan, Décines (69)
Thursday 31 January 2019 20H30